Poor thing

I am in NYC at the performance of the prestigeous Juilliard Orchestra with my yogafriend Y.

The Juilliard Orchestra is composed of thé most talented students of the famous Juilliard Academy of Music of the same town.

When the first violenist, a beautifull young lady comes up and everybody is applauding, Y whispers to me: Look at her right heel and her right calf, her whole right leg is out, her right hip might be in pain in the future, poor thing.

Obviously this is a talented girl with an ever so bright future ahead, but will the predicted osteoporosis let her stand on the podium and excell?

A yoga-expert cannot predict what will happen, but the uneveness at the feet is what lies underneath `bad hips`, womens biggest degenerative joint problem.

Y and I being 40 year old students as BKS calls us, know there is not a good balance between her 2 feet. If she picks up corrective Iyengar yoga asana she might be able to slow down time.

Shit happens.

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