Noisy yoga

I am in NYC for a holiday, but we yogi`s do want to forget our work, but cannot wait to hop into a yogaclass. I was at the NY Iyengar Yoga Center and Carrie Owerko, teaching a level 4 class decided it was time for a 2 hour hipworkclass. We were all ladies, who seem to be needing the hipwork, so nothing could stop her, as men are ususally not so good in these aereas of the body.

Wonder why that is?

You will here more about this topic in another of my blogs.

During class we could hear the noise from the street at a level not acceptable. The honking cars and drills of workers are to much if you are not from NYC. But the hipwork was excrutiating and after a few moments and more of pain and moaning the sound of the street faded away; I was at one with the inside noise and what a class it was!

Carrie told us an anecdote about an Indian Iyengar teacher Bhirjoo, who asked during his class after every pose :` are you happy?`.

She decided to finish the class with a few Urdvha dhanurasana`s and a complicated savasana with our legs twisted in a chair. We were happy!

When I closed the door behind me the sound of city stumbled over me and I was back in the street on my 2 feet again.

Happy Nanda

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