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     Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher

        NANDA PEEK

    Yoga is the intensified experience of the `here and now` beyond the normal issues of every day.

    Sometimes these are happy events, also to live life with a positive twist makes one  able to bear the load more easely.

    The sad side of life and the frustration we have to deal with are the other side of the coin; there is no escape there.

    In a yogaclass we practice asana`s (yogapostures).

    To do yoga requires stamina and perseverance (at least in Iyengar Yoga it does).

    Yoga regulates the emotions through these postures.

    In this process a distance arises from these emotions; we get to know them but at the sime time  we are no longer their automatic victim.

    The purpose of this is inward peace, stabilty and tranquility.

    To good to be true?

    I have no hestiations to answer your questions...





    IIn headbalance the rhinking is brought to a STOP.
    The body is active.
    To experience the deep relaxational effect of  headbalance is every time a miracle taking place.

      I am not joking.


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