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Nanda Peek and Iyengar Yoga

With a proven track record as a certified Iyengar yoga practitioner on a Senior Intermediate III level and an almost 40 year old experience as Iyengar yoga teacher, I bring both my passion and expertise to the Yoga mat, where I go for ' the Iyengar way '.


Mr. Iyengar  translated the traditional Indian yoga into a ' tool ' for Western man, because an Iyengar Yoga class is given in clear and almost technical language.  This success has led to the fact that ' his ' yoga by now is spread in 77 countries, where Iyengar certified teachers teach according to his system.

I belong to the small group of Iyengar yoga teachers, who have witnessed and for all experienced the infamous ' Intensives '  with Mr. Iyengar. If you have survived an Intensive with Guruji,  you are ready for the rest of the world, was a ' quote ' of World Press Photo winner 1986 and war correspondent Alon Reininger.

For me the Iyengar Institute in Pune is still the Mecca of yoga, although since the death of Guruji on 20 August 2014 at 95 years of age it will never be the same. I was in Pune in February 2014 when Guruji taught me for the last time. You can find these experiences on my blog page; Subscribe to the  


I am co-founder of the Iyengar Yoga Institute and the Iyengar Yoga teacher training in Amsterdam, where I taught and managed the school up to  2002.

In addition to 4 decades of dedication to Iyengar Yoga, I also studied Zen Buddhism,  Jnana Yoga and psychology and worked as a coach mediator NMI from 2005-2010.

I have been active again as the Iyengarteacher, who ' crawls into the skin of ' the novice to the advanced learner from 2012. 

What students say about Nanda:

In the yogaclasses with Nanda I got the insight into how my physical symptoms were related to my posture and movement structure. And I became aware of how I held tight from the tensions in my body. Before I started with Iyengar yoga, I did all kinds of things like body shape and body balance, I visited the chiropractor and physiotherapist to help me restore my body.  However I have an extremely stiff upper back and shoulders and my complaints worsened notably by body shape and bodyblance.

I thought if I just work hard and push through the pain and stifness, it would lessen, but instead it got worse and worse! Under the guidance of Nanda (both private lessons and in its group), I worked intensively according Iyengar Yoga and got rid in 2 years time of more than 10 years of persistent discomfort in my back, neck, shoulder and knee. She worked with customized exercises following the possibilities and limitations of my body with much more effect than a physiotherapist. 

My old belief, yoga is only for agile people, I had to reconsider. Now I understand Iyenga yoga is for everyone and of great value because you focus on the `alignment` your skeletal and muscular system. Asanas within the Iyengar system are always done in accord  with your capabilities and limitations. Prerequisite is that you know where to find a really good teacher, and that is undisputedly Nanda. Her in-depth knowledge and experience with Iyengar yoga and her full attention, precise and personal support for me were of enormous importance. By the way through doing yoga with Nanda I have also learned breathing techniques and I am not only physically better off but also calmer, less stressed and much more in balance.

I would not begrudge this to anyone.


Inez B.



When you do a yoga class with Nanda  you soon notice that you are in a class with a very experienced teacher. I feel at ease in her classes, not only because of her longtime professional experience but also because I simply enjoy  the class itself. Nanda teaches her classes with pleasure and energy and pays attention to anyone who stands in her lesson. To do a class with her is hard work but in the end I'm going home with a satisfied feeling and new energy. I do not want to miss a class.

Thank you so much Nanda!


Diana van S.

Nanda teaches in a very accessible way and switches easely to the different levels of the students in the group. She gives clear instructions that lets you progress in a pose right away. The sharpness of her instructions give me time and time again more understanding, so my yogaposes get intensified. 


Stephanie R.


Nanda Peek puts the door ajar so that I could open himself further. I am an avid cycling race man with congenital short muscles and bursitis in my shoulder. The fact was that the most simple yoga pose for me was a bridge too far. With patience and sometimes brute force, she has greatly accelerated the healing of my bursa And also she made me ready for the experience how fulfilling and delicious yoga can be.


I think that is a huge achievement. Getting to know and get more control over my body and emotions brought me a lot. And the door she pushed on systematically has actually opened up: Now I stand with great pleasure 3 to 4 times a week on the mat.


Lukas S.


Dear Nanda, 


Thank you for the amazing Superboog workshop. I came further then I ever have before. 

Your teaching style and your vast Iyengar experience appeal to me. 

As the Dutch saying goes: "Zachte heelmeesters maken stinkende wonden."(desperate situations call for desperate measures)

I like your no-nonsense approach. 


Thank You! 


Hope to see you in Maastricht in 2015. 


Warm regards, 

Elisabeth D.



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